Rooted Communities with Arkansas’s Miss Agriculture

What: Rooted Communities with Arkansas’s Miss Agriculture Lynzy Simon
When: Saturday, 01/27/24 @ 10:30-11:30 A.M.
Where: Library Multi-purpose Room
Who: Ages 12 and under
Registration Not Required


Join Lynzy Simon, Arkansas’s Miss United States Agriculture Advocacy Ambassador, for a program that teaches kids how to grow their own food and share the abundance with neighbors in need.


Ms. Simon will:

  • read Plants Feed Me, by author/illustrator Lizzie Rockwell
  • teach the life cycle of a sweet pea plant
  • lead kids in assembling a mini “life cycle” accordion book
  • help kids plant their own sweet pea plants to care for at home
  • talk about her role in the Miss United States Agriculture Organization and the importance of agriculture
  • and encourage kids to grow and share food in their communities