Quartz of the Ouachita Mountains

What: Quartz of the Ouachita Mountains
When: May 2nd @ 11:00am
Where: Library Auditorium
Who: 18+
No Registration

In collaboration with the Hot Springs Area Cultural Alliance, the Garland County Library will be the host venue for several programs that are part of the Arts & The Park 2023 festival.

Lisa Coleman Carey is the daughter of Ron Coleman of Ron Coleman Mining. She grew up immersed in the world of quartz crystal and in college, upon realizing she had to take science courses, began to learn it in a whole new way. She has an undergraduate degree from Trinity University in San Antonio and a masters degree from the University of Arkansas.

She worked as the employee communications coordinator at Murphy Oil Corporation, the director of development at what is now National Park College, and eight years ago opened All Things Arkansas and then All Things Natural in downtown Hot Springs.

During her presentation, she will take you on a brief history of quartz crystals in the Ouachita Mountains and growing up in rural Arkansas while being involved in international business. You will most likely learn something you did not know, and you might even laugh once or twice along the way.

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